Monday, October 7, 2013

Who is the best Aquaponic mentor?

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I don’t know. Someone local pioneer, like Chris Gimbel at Aquaworld, who is testing several systems is an available face-to-face local source. GGG Admin is currently working on discovering others in and around Galion that have a working aquaponic system up, running and willing to share their experiences.

The books I have referred to on the GGG BlogSpot; the articles and videos all have good stuff to consider. Murray Hallam, from Australia is the apparent God-Father of Aquaponics. Will Allen of Growing Power in WI and Sylvia Bernstein in CO each have contributed to our understanding of this sustainable food growing system through their books and videos.

The YouTube videos that are made by well-intentioned individuals, particularly those who have shared their do-it-yourself construction of aquaponic systems and accessories are more than helpful. Even those that have a product or information for sale serve an educational purpose.

I enjoy many YouTube contributors, even though some of them use hydroponic methods which can easily be converted to aquaponics.

To clarify: Hydroponics uses petroleum based nutrients that are as harmful to the Earth upon disposal, in the same manner as the in-ground farmers that use pesticides and chemicals. Aquaponics is a natural ecological growing system using fish waste-water to feed the plants and the plants clean the water for return to the fish tank.

Other YouTubers are promoting in-soil growing. Their expertise helps any beginner. The videos of larger commercial aquaponic/hydroponic producers are of value because efficiency and cost effectiveness is one of their major concerns which provides us with insight toward future expansion of our own production.

My advice?  Search through the tabs. Find something that strikes your fancy. If a YouTuber impresses you subscribe to their channel, peruse their past productions and you will automatically be notified when they do future videos. If you find a website, blog, Facebook or Twitter page of interest to you, bookmark it and follow them.

If someone wants to start a Galion Aquaponic Gardening Facebook page or Twitter - feel free to do so.  [HINT - HINT !!!] If we all talk-it-up perhaps one day we will have a thriving Community Supported Agricultural complex in the food desert currently known as Uptowne Galion.

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