Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Guilty as charged!

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It has been brought to my attention that the Galion Garden Group BlogSpot is so packed with different ways to start aquaponic gardening that a beginner is overwhelmed. I admit that I have a tendency to promote something I find worthwhile with facts, evidence, particulars, specifics and more facts.

There is no one prefect way for an individual to start aquaponic gardening. Each of us will have one or two systems that seems viable and appropriate for us given the current time and place. If you have an aquarium or a tote for fish and an empty container stashed somewhere, a grow bed or raft system could be constructed. If you have some PVC pipe, unused rail gutters lying around, or food grade buckets or barrels you may consider one of those methods.

Whatever you do, if aquaponics is new to you start small, set-up an experimental test system, and as you learn you will find the right method for you. If, like me, you aren’t mechanically inclined purchase a small, s-m-a-l-l, SMALL ready-to-go system.
Fall is upon us, fewer in-ground crops are available. However, starting an aquaponic garden indoors now will provide you with some fresh, nutritious, healthy food throughout the winter and get you ready to expand your system for the spring and summer season next year.

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