Monday, October 7, 2013

2 Articles Providing Horror/Hope

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Get Ready for Extra Helpings of Feces, Pus and Chlorine on Your Plate — America is Deregulating Its Meat Industry

AlterNet News Article / By Martha Rosenberg       October 4, 2013
Having recently been disturbed by several articles like the one above about the meat products being served in schools and meat markets; the meat being *pink slime* and other ground fowl meats being made of sinew and cartilage, I found the article below suggesting that a new alternative is becoming available.

Reinventing Meat
Fortune Magazine Article / By Marc Gunther | Fortune – Fri, Oct 4, 2013
The following evaluation within this article struck me as important – “It takes four-tenths of a pound of feed, mostly soy and pea protein, to make a pound of Beyond Meat. (A chicken breast is more than 60% water.) By comparison, even after decades of selective breeding and production efficiencies, broilers require nearly three pounds of feed, mostly corn and soy, to yield a pound of ready-to-cook chicken.”

That quote is similar to the difference between feeding our farm animals grain and feeding them aquaponic grown fodder. The fodder is more beneficial to the animals and 1 pound of grain becomes 5 to 8 pounds of fodder, cutting feed costs as much as 75%.  [See: Fodder under the Crops tab.]
Lots to mull over in both articles.  Fortunately, we have Aquaponics as a starting point to become more self-reliant and pursue sustainable and ecologically-friendly food sources and production on our own.

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