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Topics include:
Ohio State University, Ohio Schools Teaching Aquaponic Gardening,
Other Schools with Aquaponic Programs, Ohio Individual Systems, Ohio Commercial Operations, USA Listings, Global Listings ---

The following listings are the few identified so far. If you are an Aquaponic gardener/farmer or know of anyone practicing Aquaponics in Ohio please use our contact page above to let us know.

GGG Admin is on the Aqua-Ohio list-service. Most of the traffic is about Aquaculture [fish breeding]. With enough interest, perhaps we can get an Aquaponic Gardening list-service started.

Ohio State University has an Aquaculture cirriculum, [primarily researching and educating in the field of breeding fish, in ponds and indoor controled conditions] yet GGG Admin has found nothing supporting urban Aquaponics so far. Update: 4-23-2013 Laura Tiu has created an Aquaponics List-Serve. To post to this list, send your email to:

Laura Tiu, Ph.D., Aquaculture Specialist
Ohio Center for Aquaculture Research and Development OSU South Centers
1864 Shyville Road * Piketon, OH 45661 * 1-800-297-2072 x121 (Ohio only)
1-740-289-2071 x121 Email 

OSU Extension-Crawford County, Erie Basin Extension Education and Research Area * 419-562-8731 M-F, 8:30-4:30 * 112 E. Mansfield Str., Suite 303 * Bucyrus, OH 44820
Extension Educator, 4H Youth Development Educator/County Dir. 

Jason Hartschuh, Program Coordinator Agriculture/Natural Resources
Ohio Schools Teaching Aquaponic Gardening
Lake FarmPark Aquaponic video
Lake Farmpark is a working farm located in Lake County, OH. The farm is part of the Lake Metroparks parks system and was opened in 1990. The farm is located on 235 acres. The purpose of the park is to help people understand that farm life and how it has developed over time. Lake Farmpark strives not only to help people understand the past of agriculture but also to draw attention to the present situation of the industry and see future applications. It was named one of the top 10 educational sites to learn about farming by USA Today and is open year round, except for holidays, from 9 to 5. 8800 Euclid Chardon Rd. (Rt. 6) Kirtland, OH 44094 * 440-256-2122 * 800-366-FARM * Located 25 miles east of Cleveland.

The First and Largest Aquaponic Training Center in the State of Ohio
This past summer (2012) an unused horticulture building was converted and refurbished into a new Aquaponics center for the Youngstown City School District. The work was done by students, teachers and volunteers.

Choffin Aquaponic Center, downtown Youngstown
Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy, Kevin Savage
Kevin teaches sustainable and urban agriculture, and aquaponics. Savage and his students have built four aquaponics systems — a fifth system is under construction. “The kids plant, watch the germination process, and transfer the seeds, the seedlings into the aquaponics, and maintain the system through water chemistry, taking care of the fish, and up to the point where they get the harvest,” Savage said.

Other USA Schools with Aquaponic Programs
Sustainability in Action – Aquaculture 
Tresine Logsdon takes us to Tates Creek High School where science students are getting "hands on" experience with aquaculture and aquaponics. See: Food Chain Lexington below under USA Aquaponic Operations.

Walmart Award * Dalton Hmphrey * Olivet High School Junior and Eaton County, MI., 4-H'r. *

Steven Ritz: A teacher growing green in the Bronx * 13:43 mins.
A funny, enthusiastic guy that is a visionary as well. He talks fast, but the content of his message is inspiring. Look where it led his students and his community. Couldn’t we do something like his program in our schools here in Galion? Are there one,two---six teachers willing to step up and raise the Aquaponic banner? Is there a company/organization/group or individual that would build/sponsor classroom units?  Will the Galion School District accept them?

Ohio Individual AQ Systems
The Stew Pot Kitchen uses Aquaponics to make great soup - * 3:43 mins.

Winter Aquaponics update w/ Rainbow Trout in Ohio * 2:15 mins.
"I designed this system in Northeast Ohio to test the potential commercial applications of Aquaponic Lettuce production in Ohio over the winter months. 1/2 way through fishless cycling of my system."

Ohio Aquaponic Commercial Operations
MKB Farms | Monarch Homestead, 9972 Hurr Rd., Galion OH 44833

MKB Farms is a small family farm in the Northeast corner of Marion County. They raise beef cattle, corn, beans, and wheat. The farm was started by Mike and Brenda Kocher and has grown over the years. Brenda has an aquaponics system in her greenhouse.


Happy-Greens | Max & Marilyn Wulff, 2656 Burlingham Dr., Ashtabula, OH 44004      440-964-2171    HappyGreens
SEE:  Article “Ashtabula couple The Star Beacongrows fish and pool-bound plants”, by SHELLY TERRY in the June 9th, 2013, Ashtabula Star Beacon  
ALSO SEE: Green vegetables thrive in an Ashtabula basement garden thanks to a hundred ravenous, brightly-colored fish” Happy Greens is a new business using an ancient method of farming by WKSU's VIVIAN GOODMAN. This story is part of a special series.

Aquaponic Urban Farm Grows Vegetables in the Winter Snow 38 mins.
A Will Allen inspired farm that is using aquaculture as well as greenhouses and hoop houses to grow food year round even through the snow ridden winter in Cleveland.  See how a basic aquaponic system is put together and discover many other facts about growing your own food tht can help you to grow your own food today. Website for Rid-All Green Partnership * Urban Agriculture and Youth Education * 8129 Otter Road Cleveland, Ohio 44105 * 216-990-8191
Articles about Rid-All here.

Fresh Harvest Farms Aquaponics- * 3 mins. * Jeri and Doug Blackburn
Vegetables grown floating in water, fed nutrients by fish. Website:
33869 Fields Road * Richwood * OH 43344 * 614-264-9098

In looking for a retirement business option, owners Doug and Jeni Blackburn, who have resided in Ohio all their lives and have enjoyed having their own garden during the summer, saw a growing desire among their friends and co-workers for chemical free food that is grown locally, not only in the summer months, but year round. Fresh Harvest Farm was born.
Alyssa, daughter of Jeni and Doug, plays a big role in helping manage Fresh Harvest at farmers markets. Although her full time job is one of a learning specialist for elementary age children, Alyssa enjoys spending time on the farm, helping to harvest and selling fresh greens at the local farmers markets.

Ohio Aquaculture Commercial Operations
Remlinger Fish Farm * Website 
18740 US 224   [N of Lima, mid-way Finley/Ft.Wayne.]

Freshwater Farms of Ohio * 10:34 mins.
Entrepreneurial award video of Freshwater Farms of Ohio, featuring the founder, Dr. Dave Smith.  Website:

Willoughby Aquatic Farm  * 1 min.
Willoughby Perch Farm * 4:38 mins.

USA Aquaponic Operations
Lexington, Food Chain Lex * Aquaponics demo setup. * 10:08 mins.
Working with Tates Creek High School and the community to develop a productive CSA for the benefit of the residents. GGG Admin spoke to Rebecca and she was very open and sharing with information we were seeking. The second video,
Food Chain Lex. LargeSystem w/Tilapia shows the beginning of what we hope is a very successful operation for Rebecca and the Lexington community. Rebecca's Website.

Global Aquaponic Operations
Aquaponics For Profit - Murray Hallam * 5:05 mins.
Murray Hallam is probably the best known face in the world-wide aquaponics movement. He discovered aquaponics in 2006, and immediately put his fiberglass and boat-building skills to work to build and sell aquaponics systems and equipment through Practical Aquaponics in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. [One of the pioneers of Aquaponics]

Nanawale Aquaponics Tour  *Aloha Mahiai * 17:23 mins
A virtual tour of our 10,000 gallon aquaponics system located near Pahoa, Hawaii. The tour includes a look at the fish tank, biofilter, autosiphon, greenhouses, grow beds, compost pile, vermicompost worm bins, water and air pumps, and hydrocyclone/water vortex aeration system.

Urban Food Garden Update 3-3-2012 *Calcutta * A Chanda * 5:47 mins.

Check out A Chanda's many videos.

Affnan's Aquaponics – Affnan’s Siphon - How It's Made Update* 19:15 mins.
Affnan is one of our favorite guys. His informative Blogspot


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