D-I-Y Aquaponic Projects

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Topics include:
AirPumps/Air Stones, Filters, Containers, Heating, Lighting, Net Pots, Siphons, Solar, ----

A Do-It-Yourself, Green-It-Yourself attitude and aptitude can greatly reduce the initial expensive of setting up an Aquaponics system or if you are particuarly handy perhaps you can build and sell systems and/or components to local Aquaponic enthusiasts.

Below are some Aquaponic gardeners sharing their advice on store-bought products and/or inexpensive how-to-build equipment. 
Good Luck!

Read the comments on each video for more information.
Additional videos by each producer/contributor may be of value to you.

Air Pumps/Air Stones
Starting Out: Air Pumpsand Air Stones * tithra33 * 17:45 mins.
Check out her website:
Koko's Goldfish for detailed information including; a FAQ, breeding, care, food, tanks & equipment and her forum.


Filter in AquaponicSump, Uses Floss and Rock  * 1:32 mins.
DigitalFoodDesert shows a simple to construct and maintain filter for aquaponic systems uses a small plastic basket, filter floss media and rocks. The basket has holes in the side so that the water can flow freely. The rock is also a surface for beneficial bacteria. Water from the bell siphon floods the filter in a cycle that is opposite to the grow media.

DIY $10 Aquaponics swirl filter * GreenDesertTV * 5:11 mins.

Aquaponics DYI SwirlFilter * MrMadmax478 * 7:46 mins.
This gentleman shows how a hobby became an obsession. Interesting to watch his update reports from start to current dates.

Reuse & Recycle Containers * indoorharvestgardens * 2:34 mins.

Making newspaper potsfor starting seeds * [in soil]* 3:31 mins.
[also see mealy bugs etc.]

Aquaponics Tank Heater * MrMadmax478 * 99 videos * 27:13 mins. 
Grow Lights & TheInverse Square Law * mediamaker2000 * 1:41 mins. Website: "Being an amateur photographer, I am aware of the Inverse Square Law as it applies to light. Being an amateur gardener, I am applying it to grow lights.
The Inverse Square Law defines how much light falls off as the light source is moved further away from its target or when the target is moved further away from the source.
I am using CFL's (compact fluorescent lights) due to it's ability to be very close to a plant without harming the plant by generating too much heat. I could have used LED grow lights as well but at this time …"

Best Lighting for Growing Indoors * indoorharvestgardens * 4:41 mins
Information about Lights, Lumens, Ballasts, Bulbs, and Prices.
PVC Grow Light Stand * Phil Crockett * 5:40 mins.
How to build a metal trash can grow light (cut in ½) * 12:49 mins.
How To Build a CFL GrowLight Fixture - CHEAP!  *  10 mins.
96w DIY LED Grow Light -Build it for $57 * RealVinceSamios * 9:22 mins.
"I built a 96w DIY LED grow light with off-the-shelf parts. This is how. * Parts required: * 8 x GU10 light sockets * 8 x 12w LED Down Lights * 2 x Choc Boxes with Terminal Blocks * about 3m of Electrical Cable (3 core) * 1 Piece of wood * Screws * 1 Power Plug * 4 x Hanging Hooks.
270w DIY CFL Grow Light- $52 - How to build it. * 4:47 mins.
"I built this 270w DIY CFL Grow Light for just $52, and I've made a little tutorial video to show you how to build it yourself. The parts list: Old bathroom Cabinet = Free * 6 x E27 (edison screw) light sockets = $6 * A Survival Blanket = Free * One junction Box = Leftover/free, but otherwise about $1. * Electrical Cable = Leftover/free but otherwise about $3 * Electrical Tape = $0.10 * 6 x 45w, 5500k CFL Grow Lights = $7.30 Each"
DIY CFL Grow Light Part1 * Freestylrolla * 12:06 mins.  [ Parts list/Step-by-Step/$30-$50.
Quick TIP: Cheap &Easy Portable Grow Lighting * 5:45 mins.

Net Pots
Homemade Netpots forAquaponics * fiverinspector * 2:08 mins.
Automatic BellSiphon Grow Bed Aquaponics Tips & Tricks * 10:12 mins.
Aquaponics in ArizonaPt.2 - The Bell Siphon * bkudell * 7:17 mins.
Bridge Siphon BetweenRaft Beds * web4deb * 1:51 mins
DIY Simple Solar generator * Green Desert TV  * 2:00 mins.
45 watt solar panel plus Converter from Harbor Freight = $200.00
1000 watt Charge Controller for about $80.00
35 amp hour battery for about $80.00

Solar-powered Aquaponics  * boohaus * 6:11 mins.
Solar Powered Aquaponics * theurbanfarmingguys * 8:18 mins *

How to build with PVC
Excellent detailed information about working with PVC.

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