Vertical Towers

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Topics include:
Towers, 2-Liter Plastic Bottles, Barrels ----

Vertical towers are generally tubes, pipes or sleeves that are drip-fed. A few are watered by a central fountain-like spray. A recent inovation are the hanging bottle window gardens. Fascinating designs and systems have been developed from all around the world.

The inverted plastic bottle systems have got to be the least expensive and most fun way to start your own Aquaponic adventure.

You may choose to follow a particular Aquaponic Gardener step-by-step or take an idea from one and add it to another’s practice for your own project. There is a great deal to be learned and understood from the commercial, larger operations and the ready-made kit providers as well.   
Good Luck!

Read the comments on each video for more information.
Additional videos by each producer/contributor may be of value to you.

How To Build Your Own Strawberry Tower * web4deb * 7:25 mins. Excellent ABS pipe step-by-step DIY shown here...

Backyard Aquaponics - nyc vertical grow towers * googolplexing * 4:47 mins. Mostly visual tour of set-up.

Strawberry towers, AQ system * Hugo Correa * 9:47 mins.

Another step-by-step how-to. Excellent.

Strawberry tower outside using sewer pipe * Paul McHugh * 19:56 mins. Paul also has extensive step-by-step instructions on the IBC totes.

Grant for Tower Build by H.S Student * Dalton Humphrey * 2:01 mins.

Note: Olivet High School Junior and Eaton County, MI., 4-H’r.

The Garden Stick * thegardenstick-dot-com * 5 mins.
Note: Convert to Aquaponic media and drip/return set-up?

Recycled 2 Liter Plastic Bottles
Make a recycled hanging bottle garden farm * Joeyfingis * 8:40 mins.
Good how-to construction.

Hanging Bottle Garden Farm (Window) * PocketPcMan * 8:49 mins.
Note: These are 600 ml bottles. (1/2 liter) Step by step guide for making a hanging bottle garden farm. Check his blog for pictures of this project and more. SEE: his Hanging Bottle Garden, part 2 and his Hanging Bottle Wall Garden parts 1 and 2 which is AQ.

Build a bottle tower * Willem Van Cotthem * 6:18 mins.
Note: Uses soil, but could be converted to AQ with drip/return system.

Note: Added this additional video of Willem's for inspiration... It isn't AQ, yet the concept could be converted...

Using Recycled Bottles from Seed to Harvest * 12:32 mins.RemoteGardener: "We will adapt this Hydroponic System to an Aquaponic System shortly. Because after all, Aquaponics is the wave of the future. Can you imagine growing fish?" Gardener Greg"s and Floraformer Fred's Website.
WindowFarm How-to * Mayra C * 6:27 mins.
Build your own three plant hydroponic farm inspired by
Video shot and edited by Mayra Cimet. Note: Use AQ fish water?
Countertop/Window Mini Self-Watering Garden * 1:24 mins.

Larry Hall of Gutter Bucket Garden fame is at it again! Use AQ fish water?
Another contribution from Willem van Cotthem ...
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