Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Galion Parks & Recreation Committee Open Forum

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Oct. 07-2013 Report
I attended one of the most positive civic meetings I have ever experienced. The committee, Shirley Clark and Missy Harris joined by the Mayor, Tom O’Leary were open to and supportive of the suggestions by the citizens attending.

The funds available to the committee were announced. The mayor stressed that the funds should be used for the thoughtful best purposes to provide park activities to youth and seniors alike. Some in attendance stressed that particular activities could bring income into the city from outside. Building community pride was expressed. A task force of citizens was suggested to move from a ‘could we?’ discussion to a ‘this is how we can’ mindset.
The committee members are already looking for a suitable location for a community garden, which GGG hopes to be part of. The need for a location for teen dances was discussed. The possibility of the city helping community organizations like the Golden Age Center was presented.

Our new form of government is doing itself proud. I’ve got a good feeling!
Both the Galion Inquirer and Galion Live were represented so I expect that each will cover the meeting and the details.

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