Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Community Garden -What others are doing!

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This is a current HOT topic in Galion.

In that this blog is about aquaponic gardening, of course we are going to promote it.

However, we have listed below a few examples of other community efforts in conventional 10' x 20' plots of in-ground gardening. For those thinking in those terms I would like to suggest that they consider planning for raised beds, table-top boxes, other container gardening, and directed self-watering methods. We do want to include youth and seniors and the bend-over impaired (like me = getting down is easy, getting back up is a challenge) don't we?

Larry Hall's videos on self-watering and other clever economical set-ups are available on YouTube and under our Horizontal Rails Tab. Be sure to check out his Kiddie Pool set-up as well for cluster watering.
Community garden plots offered

4:07 AM, Apr. 22, 2013

The Crawford County Ohio State University Extension and Master Gardeners are offering a community garden to anyone who is interested. Plots are 10 foot by 20 foot and on the Unger Farm next to Unger Park. Cost is $20 and the plots come fertilized and ready for planting.
For details, call the OSU Extension office at 419-562-8731.
[invite ALL local farming/gardening associated agencies and clubs to participate to planning/interest meetings.] [GGG]
Bremen Community Gardens
Community garden in Bremen grows in unused school lot.
Community garden springs to life in Bremen = video

[students involved, letter sent home…] [GGG]
The Blandy Community Garden
Gardeners get the plots for free as part of a University of Virginia program and in return, they donate part of what they raise to a food bank or service organization.

[local business support, experienced and amateurs] [GGG]
Video of The Ontario United Methodist Church community garden is just one of several local gardens cropping up in Richland County.
[in ground, Note rain gutters, Note: rain barrels not used to max.] [GGG]

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