Friday, September 6, 2013

OK! OK! The GGG blogspot is no longer a static website.

SUGGESTION: If you haven’t read our new Welcome II page and its updated information find it at the top of the AQ Overview page.
 Too many questions and too much NEW information is available for me as GGG Admin not to renew publishing fresh information about the subjects on the tabs above.  So many good positive accomplishments have been performed by and for others that I feel I just have to share it. Then there is very pertinent information that cannot be squeezed into the existing tabs.

Any additions to the TABS above will be noted in new posts here.

In the coming days, I will be publishing progress reports, news, announcements, and what seems pertinent to the efforts of those people currently involved in our Galion aquaponics activities.

Best to you in all you do!         Rick

For comments use Contact tab upper right corner.  Thank you!