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This site is not intended to be an ordinary BlogSpot.
There won’t be daily submissions about the proven benefits of Aquaponics.

The pages are static, meaning that a collection of categorized Aquaponic subjects in identified/linked videos, articles and websites, found to have value for someone looking for Aquaponic information has been pre-assembled by one of the founders of Galion Garden Group; GGG Admin.

Hopefully, those of you that visit here will find something of interest and value to you.

Kudamino provided this illustration of the simplicity of Aquaponics.

Is the information here complete?    No.     Is GGG Admin an expert?    No.

Are we willing to share what we have learned thus far researching and putting the Aquaponic system(s) into practice?     Yes.

Is Aquaponic gardening organic and green?     Yes.

Is Aquaponics fun?     Yes.  [Actually, it’s addictive!]

Is Aquaponics a fad?    Definitely not!

Aquaponics is the individual, urban and commercial wave of the future.

Do you want to know more?
If so, the following pages were developed for you.

Fortunately, many of the pioneers and practitioners of Aquaponic gardening have generously shared their experiences; triumphs and failures, on Internet websites and in particular on YouTube. The information available to review is at our fingertips. The videos provide an easy visual learning experience and can be watched repeatedly.

One practitioner’s system may not be idea for you; often if you are considering a grow bed set-up, something a rail/tube or vertical gardener has done will give you that “Aha” moment that provides just the answer/concept you were looking for.

This site will deal primarily with a Do-It-Yourself interest and practice, however, there is a great deal to learn from the sites that are selling products and systems; you may even chose to go that route. GGG is not selling or endorsing any products or services. Futuristic considerations include forming a group of enthusiasts to create a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) assosciation.

impossiblefrontflip shows his indoor set-up...

indoorharvestfarms shows his outdoor set-up...

Starting an Aquaponics system is relatively inexpensive, depending on how much effort you want to put into it. Scrounging around for reusable and recyclable items and containers will help you to start inexpensively.

The purpose of galion-garden-group.blogspot is to act as a resource for those individuals/groups/clubs/organizations/institutions in the Galion community and elsewhere to be introduced to the year-round sustainable urban gardening practices/accomplishments of previous practitioners and pioneers using an Aquaponic or similar system inside their home, apartment, or residency, in the kitchen, dining room, spare room, closet or basement, in their garage, in a barn, carport or shed, on their deck, on their patio, on their balcony, in their backyard, on a wall, on a fence, in their window, on a roof, in a vacant lot, in an empty building, or in a hoop house or greenhouse.

There are also Aquaponic systems in schools, universities, churches, and businesses; even someone else’s property (with permission of course). Tates Creek High School in Lexington, KY is one example. See the presentation Sustainability in Action – Aquaculture.
The larger successful Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Aquaponic operations in Cleveland, Milwaukee, Denver and many others throughout the world are continuously testing new theories and methods and their past conclusions are, and their future results will be of value to each of us.
This young lady introduces Growing Power, Inc., Milwaukee, WI.


1 MILLION pounds of Food on 3 acres.
10,000 fish. 500 yards of compost + ++


Several residents of Galion, in casual gardening conversation, in December, 2012 and January 2013, decided to form a loose-knit group; the Galion Garden Group. This blog is one result. Test indoor grow beds and a rail/tube system are being constructed. Pertinent information is being gathered and recorded. Contacts with other Aquaponic novices and experts are being established. Plans for a public meeting in the near future are underway.

Chris and Kellie Gimbel, of KC's AquaWorld, are avid gardeners and are setting-up several prototypes of Aquaponic systems and are available to share what they are learning as they use Aquaponics to grow fodder for their livestock. Chris has several outdoor garden plots were he pursues his interest in growing peppers. Kelly shares his interest and designs her own hanging baskets of flowers for decore around their home, on their balcony and as colorful living gifts.

Rick is the administrator of the Galion Garden Group blog. Prior to moving to Galion, he was a member of a successful Square Foot Gardening club in a senior community in Mt. Gilead. There he built and maintained table-top, container and in-ground garden plots with some of his neighbors.

Our Mission could be ...   (It's up to your participation, isn't it?)
To share and develop Aquaponic experience, education and resources with the residents of Galion.

To promote individual, family, and community supported self-reliant, sustainable organic and green your-round fresh food production in phases.

Phase I      Educate and recruit individuals and groups.

Phase II     Encourage the initial volunteers to become activists.

Phase III    Help those activists establish a not-for-profit Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) organization.

You are invited to join us as an Advocate.

Who becomes a GGG Advocate?
Phase I
An individual/family/group that decides to give Aquaponics a trial-run.

An individual or group who spreads the word about this amazing method of gardening, at their school, church, club, employment or to anyone that will listen.

A charitable individual/group who underwrites the start-up cost of an educational system for a school, club, food bank, or other community service organization that can benefit from the harvest and expansion of an Aquaponics system.

Phase II
The pioneers above maintain contact, share their mutual efforts, successes and failures with each other and plan to enlist the support and endorsement of local officials, businesses and organizations to create a CSA here in Galion.

Phase III
The establishment of a Galion CSA, will require the help of many.
Leaders must rise up from the activists.
The city could donate access and use of downtown abandoned property.
Materials to build a large system need to be found through donations and grants.

How to become a GGG Participant/Advocate/Activist...
Contact Chris or Kellie Hamilton at KC’s AquaWorld. 11 a.m. – 6 p.m. by stopping by the store at 110 Harding Way East. 
... or ...
use the contact tab at the top.

For comments use Contact tab upper right corner. Thank you!