Wednesday, October 30, 2013

An aquaponic system intergrated with in-soil orchard

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Aquaponic Garden
Do aquaponics yourself and do it without spending much. Not a beginners system but something a family could plan for.
Published on Jul 4, 2012           
This aquaponic system is designed so that even someone in a third world country can feed a family of 4 or more, with vegetables and fish. We did the system from used plastic barrels and about 20 feet of PVC, a saw, a drill and some glue. It can be powered on a standard electric plug, using an old boat sump pump, or, we found some used solar panels and hooked them up to a used car battery, thus the entire system is free from the grid. Fish dirty water waste is pumped to barrels filled with gravel, and the plants and algae convert the ammonia, nitrites into nitrates, and feed on them. The process clears the water, replaces the CO2 with Oxygen, and pumps it back to the fish. Here is a program that Eden Gardens can use in food production campuses around the world, or you in your back yard. Power it with wind turbines, or solar panels and build a greenhouse and you have a commercial agricultural operation, that is energy free, and water can be pumped from irrigation powered with sun and wind.

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