Thursday, October 10, 2013

Plant Nutrients for Aquaponics

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 Dr. Nate Storey ,Ph.D, Co-founder of Bright Agrotech is an outstanding example of a product salesman providing comprehensive and comprehensible aquaponics education, not just a teaser presentation to get his audience (newbies) to purchase his product(s). I commend him for that. Purchasing his system wouldn’t be a bad thing!

I find his videos and website most helpful and subscribe to both and suggest you do too. He recently started a new series covering nutrients in aquaponic systems. He publishes one or two videos a week. The first three are listed below.

Plant Nutrients for Aquaponics – Bright Agrotech – 6:10 mins.

Plant Nutrients: What happens to them in your System? – Bright Agrotech – 6:58 mins.

Aquaponic Plant Nutrients: Nitrogen – Bright Agrotech – 7:20 mins.

I know you will find his material of value. [GGG]

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